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FireFan™ Makes Watching Sports . . .
Connect and compete with your friends, family - and even professional athletes - in a social environment that encourages friendly competition and interaction.
No matter where your friends and family are - FireFan connects you with the people you care about, want to play with (or against), and connects you to your favorite teams while playing along with the live sports games you love.
By bringing you real-time stats and scores alongside a chance to test your sports knowledge and predictive skills, FireFan brings the competitive thrills of live sports games right to your phone, in the palm of your hand.
During the live sports games you care about most, compete against your friends and family through FireFan’s real-time predictive game approach - make your picks during breaks in the action and don’t miss a single minute of game play. With every time out, every quarter, every inning - you are calling the shots!
Liven up your sporting events by competing against friends, family and other sports fans alongside your favorite teams without the risk of gambling, and a much more rewarding sports viewing experience.
With FireFan, the more you play, the more tickets you earn to redeem for really sweet rewards. FireFan also loves to host awesome giveaways and promotions . . . so you never know what you might end up playing for.